ABSINTHE: Our absinthe e-liquid is made with over 20 herbs and spices, carefully blended to recreate the luxurious aniseed and wormwood flavour beloved of poets and artists, madmen and lovers. Go on, unleash your inner Bohemian!



APPLE: The crisp and refreshing taste of fresh, green apples!



APPLE PIE: A truly decadent dessert vape - fruity filling, buttery piecrust, pure indulgence.



ATTAR OF ROSE: A sweet and fragrant vaping experience - an entirely natural extract.




BLACKBERRY: Juicy and fruity!



BLACK CHERRY: A complex and delicious 'morello' flavour, with a very moreish balance of sweet and sour notes.



BLACKCURRANT: Bursting with fruity flavour!



BUBBLEGUM: All the flavour of bubblegum, with none of the tiresome chewing.



CAFE BRASILIANO: Brazilian coffee with a little cream, slightly sweet.



CANDYFLOSS: all the fun of the fair - without the calories!



CHOCOLAT AU LAIT: Creamy milk chocolate - everyone's favourite!



CINNAMINT: Sweet cinnamon with a hint of mint.



COCONUT: Totally tropical - totally wicked.




COCONUT ICE: The same high quality DV coconut - with a twist of menthol.



COGNAC: All the rich flavour of fine, aged spirit, with no hangover - guaranteed!


EXTRA STOUT: A dark, malty flavour, with more than a passing resemblance to a certain iconic Irish beer ;)



FRENCH APPLE TART: lightly caramelized apples, creme patissiere and sweet pastry - bon appetit!



GREEN COW: An energy drink - in a vape. With added caffeine and guarana extract. Because hey, sometimes just nicotine isn't enough.



HABANA RESERVE: Our first tobacco-alike flavour - a rich and full-bodied Havana cigar taste to savour, with hints of pepper, aged oak, woodsmoke and allspice.


HERBES DE PROVENCE: An authentic Provencal blend of rosemary, thyme, savory, oregano and bay leaves - ideal for spicing up bland flavours. Not bad on its own, if you're in the mood for something a little different.



LEMON MERINGUE: Tangy lemon, creamy meringue - a match made in heaven!



LOTUS FLOWER: Subtly sweet and spicy - a true taste of the Orient.



LYCHEE: A refreshing and fragrant tropical flavour.



MANGO: Succulent and juicy!





MENTHOL: No holds barred - our flavour concentrate is the strongest menthol liquid on the market. 50%w/v menthol crystals dissolved in a PG base. Use very sparingly!


MENTHOLYPTUS: A strong formulation, combining the power of menthol with aromatic extracts of eucalyptus, and a hint of aniseed for a flavour that's guaranteed to decongest and invigorate!



MINTYFLOSS: Candyfloss with a splash of peppermint.



MULLED WINE: Red wine and spices - a very warming winter vape.



NANA MINT: The mint used in Morrocan mint tea - a 100% natural extraction from the herb with a light, spearminty flavour.



ORANGE BLOSSOM: Sweet and floral - the perfect summer evening vape.


PARMA VIOLET: A warm and velvety violet flavour e-liquid with chocolatey undertones, made using the finest natural and nature-identical essences and extracts for a delicately fragrant experience that is not at all sickly or cloying.


PASSIONFRUIT: Sweet yet tartly refreshing - just the right blend of juicy fruit and acid sharpness to revitalize the most jaded of palates.



RASPBERRY: Tart but juicy - a very refreshing flavour.



REAL BANANA:  a 100% natural fruit extract, with the flavour of ripe bananas - this is not an artificial "milkshake" flavour.



RHUBARB: Tart fruit, slightly sweetened.



RHUBARB CRUMBLE: Tart and juicy rhubarb with a sweet crumble topping.



ROAST BEEF: Warm and savoury. Vegetarian safe.



ROAST CHICKEN: Mouth-watering, with notes of crisp skin and buttery roasting pan juices. Vegetarian safe.



ROASTED NUTS: Mixed nuts, roasted.




SMOKEY BACON: because everything's better with bacon.



SOUR CHERRY: Sweet and sour - delicious!



STRAWBERRY TART: A glazed strawberry tart - in a vape. Weird, but it works!



TEQUILA: Straight up, full strength, full flavour. Cactus, alcohol and nicotine - what's not to like?


TIRAMISU: The classic Italian dessert, with the flavour of fresh chocolate, coffee, mascarpone and marsala wine. If you like chocolate or coffee, you'll love Tiramisu - scrumptious!


VANILLA ICE: No, not that Vanilla Ice - ours is much tastier! Creamy vanilla with a twist of mint - delicious!


VERY VANILLA:  Sweet and creamy like ice cream - probably the most popular flavour on the planet.



WHITE CHOCOLATE:  A sweet and creamy indulgence; no calories, no guilt.



YLANG YLANG: A creamy, perfumed vape with notes of vanilla custard, neroli and exotic spices.