Welcome to the ALLY web page.

ALLY is an Artificial Intelligence chatbot that focuses on natural language learning. ALLY starts out knowing nothing, and gains conversational skills and knowledge as she talks.

What makes ALLY unique?

One of the learning mechanisms she uses is a system of positive reinforcement of responses.
If ALLY says something that makes sense, the user can let her know, and she will integrate it into her intelligent response database. ALLY generates her own sentences based on a statistical system of associations, unlike the conventional keyphrase - response AI system. Details on the learining algorithm are available in the readme file included with the download.

'Download ALLY' . . . . . 'Download databases' . . . . . 'FAQ'

Note to Chatter Box Challenge: please download these databases, and after installation, replace the ones in c:\ALLY\ with these. This will give ALLY some starting knowledge.

All questions, comments, suggestions, or bug reports are welcome, email me at Colonel720@yahoo.com