Fun and Games

Brother Jerome loves games. He loves to play them with people, and he loves to provide other games for you to play. So even if you're not in the mood for heavy theological discussion, there should be something to amuse you.
If you fancy a game, just ask for it by name

Games Brother Jerome can play interactively with you:

Games Brother Jerome can provide for you to play:

plus (thanks to the wonders of Zplet,) all the classic Infocom text adventures that inspired me to write Zany Adventure in the first place:

And the great-grand-daddy of them all (all the way from 1973,) the original Colossal Cave Adventure

Some of Brother Jerome's other features:

As well as games, Brother Jerome has a few experimental tricks up his virtual sleeves, and likes nothing more than to:

solve square roots - any number up to one million, to any number of decimals
. . . . . . . (What's the square root of 27.850683361702? BJ can do better than most humans.)

solve quadratic equations - find x where 3 x squared plus 2 x minus 7 equals zero
. . . . . . . (you have to give it in "long hand": - ^ * + are reserved regex characters,
. . . . . . . and proving problematic to integrate into the query.)

play movie clips - play movie, play another movie, play dance movie
. . . . . . . (Just 3x 'proof of concept' clips - nothing very exciting.)

play music - play bagpipes
. . . . . . . (I'm afraid he does only play bagpipe music )

play music videos - play Pink Floyd
. . . . . . . (only Pink Floyd - who needs more?)

search google - eg: search google for Welsh bagpipes
. . . . . . . (or you can just google Welsh bagpipes if you prefer.)

search the Complete Works of Shakespeare - eg: find shakespeare quote to be or not to be

search the Bible - eg: find bible quote blessed are the

search the Koran - eg: find koran quote Allah is merciful

search the Book of Mormon - eg: find mormon quote it came to pass

search Project Gutenburg for books and authors - eg: search Project Gutenberg for Dickens

find word definitions in Merriam-Websters - eg: define ontological

(replace entries in bold type above with your desired search term.)

Some of these are more 'proof of concept' experiments, than genuinely useful features (though if you find yourself urgently needing to track down a half-remembered quote from the book of Mormon, find x where 2 x squared minus 9 x plus 7 equals zero, or afflicted by a sudden, pressing desire to watch the trailer for Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, Brother Jerome should be your first port of call!)

Oh well, they amuse me anyway. And I like to think they add a little variety to Brother Jerome's otherwise dull routine of contemplation, plainsong and hiding empty gin bottles behind the scriptorium.

I've added an archive of my favourite transcripts from the first year of Brother Jerome's life.